Market analysis for the week

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The last working week of November has come to an end. Of the important economic dates, there was only GDP in the US, the figure was 5.2%, while expectations were 4.9%.

🟢 Cryptocurrencies have grown again. The next deadlines for the adoption of ETFs are approaching, and the withdrawal from exchanges and holding of crypto assets for more than a year are breaking records. These and other fundamental factors prevent cryptocurrencies from falling into a correction.

🟢 It is worth summarizing the results of the month: the capitalization of the crypto market showed +11.6% growth, BTC +8.8%, ETH +12%, and SOL grew by 58%.

🟡 The US stock market slowed down. The S&P 500 rose by 0.09% over the week, while the Nasdaq fell by 0.3%. It is noteworthy that investors began to transfer capital from Growth stocks to Value stocks. For the US stock market, November turned out to be one of the best months in history: S&P 500 +9.2%, Nasdaq +10.8%.

The New Year’s rally is in full swing! 🎅

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