Market analysis for the week

2 22 2

Another working week has come to an end. The market for high-risk assets closed in the green zone. Last week’s main slogan was “No news is good news”.

🟢 The cryptocurrency market continued its upward movement. The capitalization of digital assets increased by 2.8%. There is a slowdown. Many assets have found their “supports”. Nevertheless, BTC has updated its annual high and finally managed to rise above $38,000 🥳

There were no local short squeezes (at the time of writing). Liquidity seems to be higher.

🟢 The stock market also closed with a profit. The S&P 500 rose by more than 1%, and the Nasdaq by 0.85%. Profit-taking on the NVDA report failed to shake the positive sentiment of market participants. Irrational optimism is growing in some sectors of the US stock market.

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