Chart update in the Movo app

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See basic chart updates in the Movo app!

Chart Types

In addition to the existing “Line” chart type, we have added the most popular chart type — “Japanese Candlesticks“. 

Let us remind you that “Japanese Candlesticks” is a chart type that displays the range of price changes during a certain time and provides more visual information.

A Japanese candle consists of three elements: body, wick, and color.

The color indicates the direction in which the asset is moving during a given period: green indicates upward movement (bullish candle) and red indicates downward movement (bearish candle).

The body shows the closing and opening lines (prices) of a given period.

Wick — shows the minimum and maximum price of the period.

The button for switching the chart display type is located on the panel at the bottom of the window.

Timeframes (time intervals)

A timeframe is a time interval on a chart that corresponds to one chart element. For example, a point (if the “Line” chart is selected) or a candle (if the “Japanese Candlesticks” chart is selected). That is, if you have enabled the M30 timeframe, then the candle is formed for 30 minutes.

Available timeframes

  • M1 — one minute
  • M5 — five minutes
  • M30 — thirty minutes
  • H1 — one hour
  • D1 — one day
  • W1 — one week

The buttons for switching timeframes are also located on the panel at the bottom of the chart window.

Actions with the chart

Resizing with a gesture

You can resize the chart and use additional functions.

Changing the chart size vertically is performed by moving the vertical scroll on the price scale (to the right of the chart) from bottom to top (stretching the chart vertically) and from top to bottom (shrinking).

Changing the chart size horizontally is performed by moving the horizontal scroll on the time scale (under the chart) from right to left (stretching the chart horizontally) and from left to right (shrinking). 

The same result can be obtained by using the Pinch and Spread gesture with two fingers on the chart area.

You can return to the original chart size by double-clicking either on the price scale or on the time scale.


To analyze the price that was formed on the chart in the past, you can use the “Crosshair” tool. The Crosshair is called by long pressing (Long Press) on the chart area. The crosshair represents a point on the chart and two dotted axes. This way you can see the historical price we are interested in and at what point in time it was formed.

Use the updated Movo chart with pleasure!

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