How do I open a position at Movo?

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Thanks to the intuitive interface, opening a position in Movo is very easy. 

To do this, open the Markets tab. Then select a trading asset (crypto, stocks, indices). You will see a chart with Buy Long/Sell Short buttons and basic information about the asset. 

If you choose to open a long position, simply click on Buy Long. For a Short position, click on Short Sell respectively. Then select a Market or Pending order type. 

How to adjust the order?

After the choice of the order, it is important to adjust it:

  • If you choose a Pending order, you need to write the entry price at which you wish to buy or sell the asset. If you open a market order, the position will open at the current market price.
  • In the column Investment, enter the amount of personal investment that will be used to open the position or enter the amount of the asset for which you wish to open a position in the column Quantity.
  • Next, you will need to select the optimal Multiplier. For example, 2x will double the total investment in that asset in the order, and 3x will triple it. To use a Multiplier greater than 10x, click on 10x. After that, an option to increase it will appear.
  • Next, to limit the possible loss and automatic fixing of profits it is recommended to configure Take Profit and Stop Loss limit orders. 

Upon completion of the settings, press Buy Long or Sell Short, and a position will be opened. The entire process takes no more than 20 seconds.

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